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Mission Statement: The Inland Health Professions Coalition is a division of Reach Out working with industry partners, educators, and community stakeholders to address the need for a highly skilled and culturally competent health workforce in the Inland Southern California region.

The Need: The Inland Empire of Southern California, consisting of San Bernardino County and Riverside County, has the lowest physician to population ratio per capita in the state. In 2017, there were only 39 physicians per 100,000 residents. This ratio is far below the recommended 70 doctors per 100,000 people. Through a collaborative effort with health professionals, educators, and political leaders, the Inland Empire is creating a health workforce that is highly skilled, responsive to the community, and passionate about the work that they do!

Our Approach: The Inland Health Professions Coalition utilizes an innovative and diverse approach that incorporates work-based learning programs starting in junior high and continuing through college. To date, IHPC programs have impacted over 20,000 students by providing them with quality experiential learning and cultivating a local network of support. Additionally, Nexus workgroups link healthcare professionals with educators to create a seamless pipeline for careers in healthcare. Nexus workgroups are determined by region to address the unique needs of each region.

Convergence: Led by Reach Out, the Inland Empire’s leader in health workforce development, Convergence is a coalition of healthcare providers, educational institutions, and workforce development specialists who are committed to addressing the growing shortage of healthcare workers in one of the fastest-growing population centers in the United States, the Inland Southern California region. Convergence champions create high-level policy and systems interventions that build a pipeline of healthcare careers and residencies for the health workforce.

On June 18, 2019, Convergence was officially launched during the 10th Annual National Innovative Communities Conference at the Ontario Convention Center.

Interested in Interning with IHPC?  

In today’s job market, employers are looking for not a good employee but the best employee. They want you to have marketable skills, an impressing resume, education, previous work experience, and the ability to work with a team. But, where do you acquire the professional experience if no one is willing to hire without the prior experience? The answer is simple, internships! By doing an internship with IHPC one will gain independent reasoning, teamwork, and expand upon communication skills. IHPC allows interns to not only work in the office; in fact, interns often accompany staff in the community and on important projects. All college majors are welcome to apply; however, IHPC interns focus on social services/public health/public relations, and health education/promotion.

Common Questions:

  • Can I receive student service hours for my college program? Yes. Many of our interns complete the internship to receive coursework/student learning hours for their university.

  • How many hours a week will I work? As many as you would like! A minimum of 4 per week.

  • Deadline to apply: Applications are accepted year round. Apply at least one month before desired start date.

Ready to apply? Fill out the application (specify IHPC as the program of interest) and email it to carmela@we-reachout.org or call 909.982.8641

Volunteering at IHPC

The greatest gift of all, is truly one’s time. Your time can never be taken back and the impact that it will leave on students in the Inland Empire will last for years to come. Volunteers are an essential component to the Inland Health Professions Coalition as they continue to break educational barriers. As a volunteer, you will help us organize projects, attend local IHPC events, and assist in the office. Each volunteer brings a new element of strength to the team and we welcome anyone who has a passion to give back and learn to apply! At the moment, the inland empire is experiencing a growth in population and it is expected to grow to 6 million by 2035. With that being said, the need for volunteers in this region is needed now more than ever to prepare for the pre-anticipated health care needs of the Inland Empire come 2035.

Interested in volunteering for IHPC?

Download the Application (specify IHPC as the program of interest) and email it to:

carmela@we-reachout.org and call 909.982.8641 for more information

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HOT Program Brochure

HOT Program Brochure

About H.O.T.

The HOT (Health Occupations Training) program is funded by the San Bernardino Workforce Development Board (WBD) through a WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) grant and helps address youth who have fallen through the cracks in our system and lack the education or career opportunity to be successful in life. Through this funding we can recruit at-risk young adults who are motivated but lack the mentoring, direction and finances needed to get an education and find a job in an entry-level health career. They may be facing significant barriers to success such as homelessness, pregnancy, a disability, trauma or abuse - even those who may have a juvenile record.

This two-year program offers training and support to prepare the participants for the healthcare workforce. We'll focus on entry level positions like Emergency Technicians, Medical Assistants or other certificate programs.  We'll help them reach their full potential through work-based-learning, useful field experience, training to enhance work ethic, and interactive workshops where they gain hands on experience in their desired healthcare field. We also provide support services to obtain their GED or High School diploma. Not only are we looking to change lives, we are offering the program free of charge!

That's where You come in. This funding has allowed us to get the HOT program up and rolling but we need your help to make these efforts a reality. The H.O.T. Scholarship fund provides these students the extra help they need to pay for tuition, books and even transportation to classes. Your donation shows them that someone CARES about their future! Help today and make a donation. 

Honor your health hero.

"I was used to pain - so much so that I really didn't consider it abnormal. Didn't everyone wince when someone slapped them on the back or gave them a high five? Then I met Dr. Munson. On my first visit we sat in the exam room and talked for nearly an hour. At one point he cocked his head to the side and curiously began applying pressure to my legs, arms and shoulders. I winced. "That's not normal you know," he told me. "It isn't?", I asked in surprise. After a series of test the diagnosis of fibromyalgia was confirmed and I've never stopped being grateful for the time he took to get to the bottom of the issue. His kindness, compassion, and immense knowledge was the catalyst that changed my life for the better. Today I am  pain free and I name Dr. James Munson as my health hero!" - annoymous

Do you have a health hero in your life? Maybe it was the nurse who helped with a sick child or the geriatric specialist who looked after your parents. Consider making a gift in their honor and we will send them a special letter letting them know that they've made a difference! 

my health hero

Honoring my Health Hero (name)
Contact my Hero at: (optional)

Be Our Guests!

Name a gift of $25 or more to the H.O.T. Scholarship fund and receive a special invitation to the scholarship award dinner for donors and recipients. It will be a night of inspiration!

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