Choosing a Career In Health - Which is right for you?

This section provides many resources relating to health professions. Some of the sites allow you to explore health careers while other sites will provide specific information relating to a specific field.  Below is listing of resources that link to external sites and downloadable documents as identified.

Health Field Exploration

  • Health Impact for Nursing (link)
  • Discover Nursing (link)
  • Is Nursing for Me? Quiz (link)
  • California Nursing schools overview (link)
  • Psychology Careers (link)
  • Department of Behavioral/Mental Health (link)
  • Careers in Dentistry at LLU (link)
  • Medical Healthcare Interpreters in California - research brief (pdf)
  • Social Works and Assistants to Personal Care Coordinators - article (link)
  • Aspiring Doctors (link)

Popular Links

  • Explore Health Careers (link)
  • Health Career Navigator (link
  • ConnectEd career (videos)
  • California Career Zone (link)
  • Health Career Center (link)
  • Health Jobs Start Here (link)
  • California Directory of Health Occupations (link)
  • California Colleges: Official Source for College and Career Planning (link)
  • Health Workforce Development Division (HWDD) Health Pathways Student Newsletters (link)


Health career jobs in demand

  • Health Careers of the Future - article (pdf)
  • Health Occupations in the Inland Empire - article 

Soft Skills Training

  • Oral Communication and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - what style are you? (link).