The Convergence


A Conversation for Convergence 

Bringing the leaders of education and healthcare together is game changing!  The December 11th meeting of higher education and health care leaders crystalized the commitment to take action to alter the landscape of the health professions pipeline. ‘We’ve seized the momentum to take action!’   Emulating the success of the Silicon Valley strategy of co-opetition which built the IT workforce in the 90’s, Convergence is moving to reshape our region’s health pipeline. We are creating the synergy to realize the vision of a diverse workforce prepared to care for communities and energize our economy.

Our region’s population of over 4.3 million (more populous than 23 other states) is predicted to be over 6 million by 2025.  The region’s increasing demand for an educated workforce is hampered by its current low educational attainment with only 18% possessing a university degree, and 41% without a high school degree.  Employers are looking outside our region to recruit the workforce they need; or worse yet are relocating the business outside the region. To build for the future we must commit and invest for the health of our communities. 

Health Career Connections (HCC) Program

HCC inspires and empowers the next generation of diverse health leaders. HCC is a comprehensive professional development program that provides paid summer internships to undergraduates and recent graduates in the field of public health and health care. HCC offers the unique opportunity for interns to gain exposure, hands-on experience, and through internships in a variety of settings. 

Past Summit Agendas

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Press Event & Reception

More than 30 hospitals and higher ed institution have committed to the mission and goals of the Convergence group.

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Inland Coalition/IEEP Health Professions Pipeline Structure (pdf)