For Healthcare Partners


Educating the next generation of health providers takes a village. In the classroom, dedicated teachers and career counselors provide knowledge and guidance. In the local community, health agencies and health care workers provide real-life insight, advice and encouragement. We each play a vital role in shaping the next generation of dedicated young men and women who will address the health care needs of the Inland Empire. 

Ways to Participate: click here to sign up! 

How can you  impact the future? The students in academic health programs now will one day be taking care of you! Look over the many ways you can help shape their growth and development and then decide to get involved

  • Join the Health Speakers Bureau (see below)
  • Host a site visit at your location
  • Assist with mock interviews
  • Be on a health academy advisory board
  • Be a mentor
  • Provide an internship experience
  • Provide a job shadowing experience
  • Let a health pathway class "adopt" your agency
  • Assist with a health-related service project
  • Provide health related training
  • Host a teacher extern (job shadow)
  • Conduct an informational interview
  • Participate in project-based learning 
  • Contribute to the scholarship fund
  • Assist with grant writing. 
  • Share this opportunity with colleagues and download the employer participation brochure

Health Careers Speakers Bureau

Healthcare providers volunteer their time through the health speakers bureau to visit health pathway classrooms in schools through out the Inland Empire. They speak to students typically between the ages of 13 - 18, and share their profession or area of expertise. They do this through interactive presentations and/or activities, pictures, anecdotes, and printed materials. A successfull health speaker is: enthusiastic, passionate about their profession, well-prepared, and is happy to answer questions.  The typical time committment is once or twice per school year.