2018 Health Professions Resource Day

We’ve got you covered! Each year during the Fall quarter, we invite our health pathway and science teachers, school counselors, and pathway adminstrators to step out of the classroom for a day and attend the Health Professions Resource Day. We put together resources, information, classroom activities and other collateral material to support your curriculum and enhance the students learning. This year, we have placed many of the resources online for you to access year round. Below are photos from the 2017. Enjoy!


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What teachers have to say about the resource day

I really appreciate the level of professionalism and expertise demonstrated throughout the conference.  I am walking away with such a wealth of knowledge.

Thank you for all the pertinent resources!  They will be greatly utilized!

The event was an excellent source of information, complete with interactive activities, and I am so glad I came.

So packed in the best possible way with valuable information.

This is a MUST for all CTE/health professional teachers.  Best event yet!

Food was yummy.  Staff was awesome.  The activities we did throughout the day were great!

Great job!  This is a very informative event.  I will be recommending to colleagues.

Very beneficial workshop.  Very comprehensive.  Good job to all!!!