Medical Boot Camp

This Fall more than 60 health pathway students attended the first Medical Boot Camp sponsored by IHPC and OSHPD. We kicked off this four-Saturday program at Riverside University Health System with workshops, activities, Q&A sessions. The third Saturday the students visited the nursing simulation lab at Cal Baptist University and the final Saturday was dedicated to CPR training.  

We want to thank all of our presenters and hosts for helping us to make this program possible. Student lives were truly impacted. One student, beaming from ear to ear shared that she can already see herself in scrubs, walking the halls of a local hospital and helping patients. Another student during the site visit, was so impressed with the nursing instruction and the enthusiasm of the nursing students she met, she has decided to pursue a nursing degree at CBU. We were also able to close boot camp by certifying more than 60 students in CPR, thanks to the EMT volunteers from AMR, ensuring that students left with an engaging and long-lasting experience.

Jasmine Anaya - Hopsice Nursing

Alicia Tavernor and Raquel Bacanan - Marriage & Family Therapy

Barbara Ackerman - Clinical Psychology

Jeffrey Mar - Clinical Psychiatrist

CBU School of Nursing - Site visit

AMR - CPR training