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January 11th 2019: JUMP club students at Etiwanda Intermediate were able to teach their peers about 8 different medical career opportunities. This teaching was done through interactive activities, that gave insight as to what that specific career entails. JUMP students were able to educate a total of 457 6th-8th grade students, including 3 lucky 5th grade classes…CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

March 26th 2019: On a single day, over 600 Inland Empire High School and Middle School students attended a professional Health Professions Conference (HPC) and were exposed to a plethora of different careers within the healthcare field…CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE.

2007 - 2019: To bring awareness to this shortage and breakdown stigma around mental/behavioral health, Reach Out’s IHPC initiated Moving in New Directions (MIND) in 2017. The MIND program addresses the gap in mental/behavioral health care by connecting high school students to local Public Mental Health Systems and institutions. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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Pictured above: Medical Professions Day

Continued partnership with the healthcare sector means increased opportunities for local students, and in turn, a more competent healthcare workforce to meet the needs of the region. Here are a few of IHPC’s accomplishments in the 2016-2016 academic year:

  • 874 students attended the Health Professions Conference (click here for HPC 2019!)

  • 115 career speakers made presentations to health pathways classrooms

  • 50 student internships were offered 

  • 39 MOUs were created

  • 23 new programs were started

LIFE Internship

LIFE (Learning Inspired Field Experience) is the internship program developed by IHPC to provide students with a structured on-site job shadowing opportunity

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The Impact on the Inland Empire Continues to Grow

Click here to view the 2018 annual report

7,735 students in the Inland Empire have been impacted!

Our population served is 3% under the national average for consumer spending on education. IHPC offers 32 work based learning activities to bridge the gap.

MIND Program: curing stigma in mental health

Moving In New Directions (MIND) was piloted as the Pipeline Enhancement Project (PEP) for the Murrieta Mesa and Cajon high schools. This student-focused mental health awareness program provides training, school-based activities, and mental health career awareness. Program outcomes were reported through pre and post training surveys. Here are a few highlights

Teen Suicide Prevention:

98% of surveyed students reported they were “knowledgeable” or “very knowledgeable” about suicide prevention.

Cultural Competency:

After the training, 85% of the students indicated that they understand the characteristics and principles of culturally competent care, while only 19% reported such understanding before the training.

Breaking socioeconomic barriers with work based learning

Source: 2017-18 IHPC Annual Report

Source: 2017-18 IHPC Annual Report