It's all about YOU! The Inland Health Professions Coalition #IHPC works hard to bring health pathway students the tools and resources they need to discover, decide, pursue, and become successful in their chosen health-related career. Let us help you, along with your parents, to unlock your interest and get you excited about the future. We want you to plan now, live well, and serve your community - we'll show you how. 

Health academy students from area schools will represent IHPC in their schools and help promote IHPC programs and events.

Pictured L - R: Manuel Posada (Palomares Health Sciences Academy), Brittany Vega (SBVC) ,  Jeanette Choi (Chino Hills High), Kenya Quiroa (Grand Terrace High), Austin Daversa (Carter High) and Machria Dailey (Etiwanda High). 

2016-17 IHPC Student Ambassadors #IHPC #ambassadors4healthcareers

2016-17 IHPC Student Ambassadors #IHPC #ambassadors4healthcareers



  • My Campus: Introduction to Health Professions at Loma Linda University (link)
  • Gateway to Health Professions at Loma Linda University (link)
  • Health Science Partnership at UC Riverside (link)
  • Future Physician Leaders Program at UC Riverside (link)
  • GED Testing and Preparation (link)


  • Medical Scholars Program at UC Riverside (link)
  • RN to BSN Programs for Nursing (link)
  • Fast Start Program at UC Riverside (link)
  • Health Careers Advising Center at UC Riverside (link)
  • Post-baccalaureate PreMedical Program at UC Riverside (link)

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