Home of the LA Lakers.

Although we didn't get to meet any of the superstars directly, there was a certain excitement to being in the same space where the Los Angeles Lakers train and practice every day - posing in front of their locker space, sitting in the giant leather swivel chairs, seeing what a size 14 Nike looks like up close...the brand new El Segunda Training Center is nothing if not state-of-the-art and our invitation to visit the facility and meet the athletic trainers was a special experience.

Head athletic trainer, Marco Nunez, has a special connection to the Corona area and wants to see more high school students pursue this health field. A former mentee of coach Jim Winn, who teaches sports medicine at Corona High, Mr. Nunez offered Corona High health pathways "Dream Team" (and a few privileged RO staff) a behind-the-scenes tour of the Laker's training/weight, ice, medical, and treatment rooms, as well as their aquatic therapy pools. The facility boasts locker rooms and basketball court (we glimpsed a couple of players shooting hoops) as well as living spaces for chilling, a barbar shop and eating areas - a home away from home. 

The visit was a precursor to potential site visits in the near future. CNUSD health pathway sports medicine students will learn more about the field of sports medicine and how trainers like Mr. Nunez make a significant impact on the well-being (and performance) of top athletes. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the students and we're guessing we won't have to ask them twice!