Students Get a Cup of Happy


When I first heard 'Cup of Happy', my mind went to that first cup of joe in the morning! Maybe that's what inspired Operation Safe House - Riversides' riff on our morning ritual. Whatever the inspiration, this youth depression prevention program is tackling the stigma of mental health issues head on with a theme that is meant to put a smile on your face. The Cup of Happy team recently introduced their services to CNUSD students during IHPC's Encompassing Mental Health training series.  This is a valuable resource for kids 16 - 25 years of age. They "focus on providing healthy lifestyles and emotional wellness through a number of different programs that include creative writing courses, open mic nights, youth leadership classes and LGBTQ support groups." Cup of Happy promotes these activities through health fairs, school campuses, school clubs, Youth Opportunity Centers, like the one in Jurupa Valley,  and local youth “hangouts”.  Their message is clear: 

We get your challenges and want to help prevent additional crisis in your life! Our goal is to get you back on track and living the life you deserve…safe, happy, and healthy enjoying your teen years instead of feeling crushed, abused, or lost in the world. Our emergency shelter, youth events, and programs provide you with the opportunity to be you, let out your frustrations and fears, and learn how to deal with the pressures and enjoy the triumphs of being a teen.
 All Smiles! Encompassing Mental Health students from CNUSD embrace Cup of Happy! 

All Smiles! Encompassing Mental Health students from CNUSD embrace Cup of Happy! 

We'd like to thank the Cup of Happy team for being a part of Encompassing Mental Health and being and important resource in our local community. Click here for more information about the Riverside Operation Safe House and the Cup of Happy program.