Murrieta Mesa PEP Rally is not just hype!

PEP rally 1.jpg

Students from Mr. Russ Welch's AP Psychology class at Murrieta Mesa High School, proudly raise their new PEP (Pipeline Enhancement Project) back packs during a recent mental health rally. IHPC outreach specialist, Marwa Mohamed, brought the rally to the school to introduce students to behavioral and mental health careers. The students were pumped up to learn that the new pilot project will include high school level trainings on SAFE Talk, teen suicide prevention, mental health first aid, cultural competency, and QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer). The class heard from Jacqualine Ebule from the Riverside County Department of Mental Health who told the students that there is a huge demand for mental health providers in our region and therefore great job possibilities! 

PEP rally 2.jpg

No rally is complete without games and prizes. Students participated in an online game called Khaoot! which is a trivia-style game. They answered questions about mental illness and different personality disorders. Students had the option to sign up to be a part of the PEP project and participate in the trainings and educational materials that will be provided. The goal is to move these students into college-level mental health pipeline programs and, eventually, the workforce! 

During the rally students indicated which mental health careers they are interested in and their plans to go to pursue a two or four-year college program. The numbers were very promising.  

Top 5 Careers By Interest

48 - Forensic Psychology

26 - Psychiatry

20 -Sports Psychology

20 - Child Psychology

21 - Behavioral Therapy

We are so excited that 163 Murrieta Mesa students signed up for PEP proving that students are connecting with the message of mental health!