White Coat Program is changing lives.

We recently received a letter from a college student who participated in the White Coat Program last year. His letter is a testament to the work of the Inland Health Professions Coalition and all of its partners. Our continued thanks to San Bernardino County Medical Society for your partnership - we are changing lives!

Dear White Coat Cohort,

My name is Gader Abuelizz. I did the White Coat internship last year during my senior year. It was a really great experience that changed my life in more ways than you will ever know. I never knew a hospital could be so fun in my entire life. The hospital I attended for the internship was Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Everyone was so friendly to me. One of the RAs taught us how to read an EKG which reads a human heart. We saw a cadaver on our first day there and a suture and lots of other surgeries in the emergency department.

At first, I was a little bit nervous about doing it because I was not sure if I wanted to be in the medical field, however after my experience it assured me that I am on the right path.

Right now, I am attending California State University, San Bernardino trying to finish my undergraduate as an undeclared major then hopefully going to another school for a nursing degree. I wish there was a program like this for undeclared college students because I would definitely be interested.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was involved in allowing this to happen. I want to thank Michael for training us and sending us to the best hospitals out there. And a special thank you to the Arrowhead Regional Medical center for allowing us to observe everything and making us feel welcome.

Thank You So Much,
Gader Abuelizz