Ben Clark puts students in the line of fire.

OK, not literally! But a visit to the Ben Clark Law Enforcement and Public Safety Training Center in Riverside, California gave them a up-close look at what the real men and women, who provide emergency services and public safety, face every day! The facilty is set up to provide real-life scenarios and mechanisms for students to completely interface with various emergency service disciplines. 

Several health pathway classes from Roosevelt (57 students) and Santiago (39 students) High Schools recently visited the facility and were treated to a full day of immersion. The day started with a brief welcome and introduction before students were divided into groups. Each group rotated through CPR and trauma scenarios, as well as IV demonstrations on classroom dummies, led by Instructor Fontaine. Then they moved out to the fire grounds for fire equipment demonstrations with Instructor Ballinger. The Public Safety Education and Training (PSET) counselor, Mrs. Fernandez, walked students through the application process for the PSET program and requirements to enroll. Law enforcement instuctor Payne took students out to the range to explain how it is used in various types of training. Students had a lunch-n-learn with Deputy Morales about the Corrections Academy and wrapped with a presenation by Dave Douglas on the Homeland security program.