HOT student wins WIOA branding contest.

Last May, the Workforce Development Department (WDD) announced a branding contest for its WIOA (Work Innovation and Opportunity Act) program to allow WIOA youth program"to start marketing itself as a world class youth program" under one name.  Four of our HOT youth, Shuvette MarshallStephanie PinedaNeery Velasquez, and Julissa Ponce all decided to enter. We are pleased to announce the Neery Velasquez was the winner of the contest with "Generation Go!" which, he explained, stands for "just go for whatever your heart desires."  In a recent communication, the WDD expressed their agreement.

 “Generation: Go! Is being recommended because it reflects the energy of our youth and the dynamic services and supports provided by our contract partners that will ready our youth for exciting work and career opportunities.

Generation: Go! is a versatile branding name that lends itself to exciting slogans and marketing tie-ins such as ‘Powered by San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board’ and ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ which communicate the energy and excitement of our developing world-class youth program.” 

The award was accepted by Jorge De Leon, IHPC Outreach Specialist for the HOT program, on behalf of Neery, who received a small gift and a certificate of recognition. We are looking forward to the future success of all WIOA participants and congratulate Neery and our HOT youth for taking this initiative in the program. Just go! We're with you all the way.