From the desk of a teacher extern.

Every summer we recruit teachers on hiatus to participate in the teacher externship program. In case you are wandering what that is, it's kind of like an internship for adults - health pathway teachers and counselors specifically. These educators get to step outside of the classroom and the business of imparting knowledge to experience what it's like to be the student. Through shadowing, observation, and discussion with their preceptors, they get to see the healthcare work place first hand. They can then take these experiences back into the classroom or school to share with the students. We received a letter (email) from one of the externs - Pamela Plouffe, LVN, who is an instructor at Inland Empire Job Corps. We wanted to share it: 

Recently I had the opportunity to experience shadowing dietitians at Loma Linda University in their perspective departments. I was able to learn from some pretty amazing dietitians in the Outpatient Kidney Center, cardiac rehab, the bariatric program, and the Diabetes Treatment Center.  Everyone welcomed me to their department and were very interested in my students here at Inland Empire Job Corps. They were also very eager to teach me about their departments and the type of patients they see. I came away with such a sense of respect and pride in the compassion and love the dietitians have for their specific fields of work and their patients. Helping the patients on their path for a healthier way of living. I also came away with quite a stack of handouts and emails with more information that I can use to help teach my students a healthier way to eat and live. I cannot thank you all enough for this opportunity. It was truly a blessing. Please extend my gratitude to your dietitians; Tara Pringle, Julianne Penner, Jason Holden and Maggie Carneiro. All of their patients are very blessed to have these extremely bright and compassionate dietitians helping them on their path to a healthier way of living. Again, I thank you all very much!