Chino Valley students participate in Kaiser summer program.

 Left to right: Brian Ly, Sabrina Tellez, Delvin Lee, Kacey Rosales, Sarah Kramer, Lilian Morales (KP), Isabella Orozco, Ian Campos, and Daisy Ramos.  

Left to right: Brian Ly, Sabrina Tellez, Delvin Lee, Kacey Rosales, Sarah Kramer, Lilian Morales (KP), Isabella Orozco, Ian Campos, and Daisy Ramos.  

IHPC assisted Kaiser Permanente recruit and train students from the Chino Valley Unified School District for their 6-week Summer Youth Employment Program (YSEP). 50 youth applied to the program and eight were selected representing Chino Hills HS, Don Lugo HS, and Ruben Ayala HS.  All of the students were placed at the Kaiser Permanente Chino Hills Regional Reference Laboratories from June 19th - July 28th. 

A strong component of YSEP was the Educational Fridays enrichment program that provided mini workshops on soft skills, finance and diversity, while KP managers provided career presentations. Educational Fridays also wrapped in the Toastmasters Youth Leadership materials on public speaking and the Thriving School Project on healthy eating and active living. This component stressed the importance of engaging public health advocacy in one's family, school, and community.

This summer program has been successful for Kaiser Permanente and many of the students not only go on to higher health care education, but eventually get hired by Kaiser as nurses, administrators, lab techs, engineers, and opticians. This year's students were exposed to the lab sciences at the Regional Reference Labs:

With the summer youth program I was exposed to a completely different side of medicine - the lab part you never really hear about. It opened my eyes to new opportunities in the field as well as the jobs available including Clinical Lab Science. It’s something I had never heard about but ended up falling in love with. This program has given me a sense of direction as well as many benefits towards my future and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing program.
— Daisy Ramos
  • Isabella Orozco – Chino Hills High School
  • Daisy Ramos – Don Lugo High School
  • Delvin Lee – Ruben Ayala High School
  • Kacey Rosales – Don Lugo High School
  • Sabrina Tellez – Ruben Ayala High School
  • Ian Campos – Ruben Ayala High School
  • Sara Kramer- Chino Hills High School
  • Brian Ly – Ruben Ayala High School

Its takes a team to bring a robust program like the KP Summer Youth Employment Program to underserved youth in our region. We want to recognize everyone who made this experience possible: 

Guest Speakers

  • Ken Van-Horn – Technical Director of Microbiology -  Microbiology Department
  • Amylou Frank -  Operations Manager, RRL Core Lab – Core Lab Department
  • Juan Orellana -  Application Analyst, Lab Informatics - Administration
  • Helen To – Manager, Quality Assurance- Department
  • Phillip Lansang – Operations Manager, Specimen Processing – Ancillary Department
  • Erin Bui – Project Manager –RRL Administration
  • Ariel Kinney – Project Analyst – RRL Administration
  • Aida Legaspi – Assistant Director, Core Lab – Core Lab Department
  • Chongbae Lee – Director of Operations, Core Lab Department
  • Robert Elazegui – Manager, Molecular Department

KP Staff

  • David Quam, MD  - Assistant to the Executive Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente Southern California (KPSC)
  • Charles Park  -  Site Administrator, Chino Hills Regional Reference Laboratories
  • Chongbae S. Lee -  Director of Operations, Core Laboratory
  • Timothy M. McSkane -  Executive Leader, Laboratory Care Delivery System
  • Louie M.  Farnancio  -  Director of Operations, SCPMG, Regional Reference Laboratories
  • Onie Bueno  -  Director of Operations, Microbiology
  • Robert R. Rabot  -  Director of Operations, Ancillary Services
  • Dennis Sevilla -  Director of Operations, Anatomic Pathology Services
  • Ken Van-Horn  - Assistant Technical Director, Microbiology 
  • Princess Vergara - Director of Environmental Health & Safety and Solutions