All smiles at Health Professions Resource Days

 Kathy Thompson from La Sierra High School shows off the new school supplies she won. 

Kathy Thompson from La Sierra High School shows off the new school supplies she won. 

Teachers need a little TLC and last week the IHPC honored them and "armed" them with all sorts of resources, materials, games, activities, and posters to put into use in their classrooms. It was a full day that, many commented, was well worth the time to get a classroom sub! We provided breakfast, lunch, and lots of coffee to keep them going through packed presentations from the IHPC staff as dozens of new resources were introduced as well as special presentations on concurrent and dual enrollment programs at local community colleges.

Some of the highlights included: new hands-only CPR training (contact Ben Machadoto schedule), a community resource guide to local social services, soft skills training curriculums (Adulting 101), and sponsored door prizes throughout the day.

2017-09-18 17.36.45.jpg

We honor you! 

Rosalind Barba, Melissa Hughes, Lisa Comnick, and Angela Quinlan (pictured below).

Angela Quinlan.jpg

After lunch we took a moment to recognize some very committed teachers and counselors who, not only promote and actively participate in IHPC programs, but work extra hard to recruit student participation. They always look for ways to enhance the student's classroom education and take advantage of the many programs and trainings we provide - true champions for the cause! We salute them for always going above and beyond the call of duty and know that the health pathway pipeline is fortunate to have such a committed group of educators. Thank you Rosalind Barba (Palomares Health Sciences Academy), Lisa Comnick (Grand Terrace), Melissa Hughes (Chino Hills HS), and Angela Quinlan (Pacific High School) for raising the bar.  

We took a lot of pictures throughout the day and caught some funny moments as teachers tried out some of the new educational games in the IHPC library (they are free to use and can be checked out through Celina Su at Our classroom posters are always a hit with the teachers and counselors and they cover a wide range of health pathway information and careers. They were scooped up during the breaks, along with flyers for upcoming events, community college resources, and programs. There was so much to share and although each day was packed, we have had nothing but positive feedback from the those who atteneded. We have a hunch next year's Health Professions Resource Days will be even bigger.  Thank you to the 100 dedicated teachers and counselors who attended for your service to our students all year long. We wish you a successful school year and look forward to seeing you again next summer! Enjoy the photos!