"Stayin alive" with hands-only CPR.


Dr. Rachell Auld's freshman bio classes at Eleanor Roosevelt High School took advantage of the hands-only compression CPR training offered by IHPC. All 151 students recevied certification! The training taught the students to recognize the signs of a person who may be in cardiac arrest, delegate someone to call 911 with the location, proper placement of the hands on the center of the chest and most importantly, why compression-only CPR could save someone's life. They soon realized that it takes a little singing (to "Stayin' Alive" for rhythm) and a whole lot of sweat to achieve proper depth in their chest compression -s and do it at 120 beats per minute! They were also shown the proper placement of an AED (automated external difibrillator). We were so happy that the students were engaged and excited to learn that you are never to young to save a life! 

Pop Quiz: Do you know where your school or office AED is stored? Dr. Auld arranged for a walk-through of the school campus to show the students where all nine of Roosevelt's AEDs are located.