IHPC takes a look back to inform the future. 

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The whirlwind of the holidays brought about something very special we want to share - our 10 year report. This comprehensive study was months in the making and many of you were asked to participate in an online survey to share your thoughts about the impact of IHPC on health workforce. This 100-page report took a deep look at how we started, what we've done well, and where we can focus improvements as we move into the second decade of our work. The good news is this - we are making a difference! 

But no one said it better than two very dynamic young ladies who have been participating in IHPC field experiences and site visits for the last year. Their testimonies truly reflected why this health workforce development work is so essential to our region. Michelle Onyiah, sophmore at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Isabella Orozco, senior at Chino Hills High School captured the hearts and minds of our audience at the holiday quarterly meeting with their personal testimonies. 

If you are a high school student and do not know what to do after high school, or even if you do, you need to get involved with IHPC. They will truly open your eyes to other health professions. For the longest time I was in between engineering and the medical field. Then, as a freshmen I went to my first IHPC field trip - medical boot camp. I loved it!...I also got certified in mental health first aid, so now I can help my friends if I see mental health issues...Then I got to visit University of LaVerne to learn about multiple health professions. This [experience] I loved the most becuase I learned about biomedical engineering which has medical and engineering right there together! I was like, ‘score! I’m doing THAT when I get older.’
— Michelle Onyiah
 Michelle's excitement lit up the room!

Michelle's excitement lit up the room!

Isabella stressed the idea that her experiences have helped her to realize that, while being a doctor or nurse is important, there are so many more ways to serve. 

There are experiences that I will never forget....there are so many opportunties that you’ve showed me....you are really are impacting my high school [experience]. There are kids that are saying ‘I’m going to go be a pharmacist.’ You don’t hear high school kids talk like that. Or ‘I’m going to go specialize in neonatology or go work for a biotech company and go into bioengineering’,  but those are the options IHPC is giving us.
— Isabella Orozco
  Carol Allbaugh gives Isabella Orozco a giant hug for her moving testimony about IHPC's impact on her life. 

Carol Allbaugh gives Isabella Orozco a giant hug for her moving testimony about IHPC's impact on her life. 


These students, and hundreds of others like them, are our future workforce and we look forward to impacting all the "Michelle's" and "Isabella's" in our region who are looking for the opportunity to create their own pathway and serve our region. We hope that you, our partners, stakeholders, and supporters, stay with us on this journey. Download 10-year report and strategic plan