Auburndale Intermediate kicks off JUMP Club '18.


It seems like just yesterday that we held the JUMP Spring Showdown, yet that was almost a year ago! So Outreach Specialist, Gloria "Glo" Coder packed up her cart and headed to Auburndale Intermediate school in Corona to recruit for the 2018 cohort of JUMP.  47 students signed up to bea member of the Junior Upcoming Medical Proffessional  club which is essentially a HOSA for middle school kids. Word spread across the school and a week later at the first club meeting there were 67 students!  Good thing there were extra helping hands on the part of Alia, Alexis and Kelley from IHPC! 


The first activity introduced the concept of germs and the importance of handwashing - a perfect exercise in the midst of the worst flu season we've seen in decades!  They applied  “germ juice” to the student's hands which looks and feels like lotion. A special flashlight shown onto the hands causes the germs to glow. Then students were given a choice of hand sanitizer or good old soap and water to wash their hands. Back under the blue light they could immediately see what they'd missed. They then discussed their findings. Of note, a majority of the students found that hand sanitizer did not sufficiently remove the germs, and that the soap and water did a better job.  They concluded that it was likely due to more time rubbing their hands under running water vs. hand sanitizer which is quick to apply. They also noticed the places that they did not remove the germs such as between the fingers and around the cuticles.  Each student got an ice cream treat as they finished the experiment, but maybe what we should have given them was a bar of soap (smile).