Blood, guts, and gallstones.


I hope you haven't had lunch yet - the heafty jar of excised gallstones that surgical physician assistant, Navjot Kaur placed on the table for students to gawk at was not exactly a great appetizer. But the students couldn't tear their eyes away. Now that she had their attention, Ms. Kaur held it there with tales from the surgical room at Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance where she works. Her career talk included a video of an actual gallbladder surgery being performed. When asked what her favorite part of the job was, she smartly replied, "That I get to hold the scapel and that I'm not the patient!" 

Ms. Kaur then brought out her bag of goodies - surgical suture tools, gauze pads, and other supplies so that the crowd of students surrounding her could take turns practising sutures with forceps and a needle holder. She was patient and explained some of the technical skills needed to be a great surgical PA. 


Ms. Kaur not only brought a valuable classroom experience to the students at Corona HS, she has also offered to allow a student to job shadow her at work, even donating funds to help a student in need with a gas card to get there! Her committment to education is truly inspiring. Thank you!