Can you intubate a baby?


This was the question put to a cohort of health pathway students from the Moreno Valley and Corona Norco school districts during a job shadow experience at NCTI - the nations largest paramedic, EMT and EMS training institute in the US. NCTI is actually a subsidiary of our industry partner, AMR (American Medical Response). 

But back to the students, they spent the day working along side paramedic students who taught them AED/CPR, IV work, intubation and airway training, cardioversion, synch, and IM injection training (we confess we're still trying to understand all the technical terms ourselves!). They also recieved an overview of the EMS training offered at the institute. 

A follow up classroom visit from Daniel Forbing, the Program Manager at NCTI-Riverside, gave students another chance to learn more about the paramedic field, as he covered ambulance, SWAT, firefighter, air, cruise, and even special event paramedics - who knew there were so many! Students learned more about the required training, how they size up a scene, the qualities of a good paramedic and (this surprised them) the importance of compassion and good customer service (there are those soft skills again!) like providing extra blankets in cold weather and extra saliine in hot weather.


We want to thank Mr. Forbing, NCTI, and all the paramedic students who provided our students a stellar hands-on learning experience and the certificates they received for attending.