JUMP club teaches leadership...and medical measurement.


It was a bright and sunny day at Auburdale Intermediate, and perfect for taking 60 kids out on the lawn for a few leadership exercises. Outreach Specialist, Gloria Coder and three interns organized the JUMP students into small groups, had them elect a "leader", and gave each of them a hula hoop. In silence the leader had to arrange their group into a single file line and then pass the hula hoop from person to person by stepping through it without saying a word. They then repeated the exercise using their voices (which immediately descended into a lot of yelling and shouting) to communicate and immediately understood the paradox - they got more done and did it faster when they weren't able to speak and were forced to pay attention to their leader! 


The River Heights JUMP club got a quick lesson in handwashing, using a black light to look for missed "germs" before being handed a baby doll and a measuring tape. Even though these were obviously not real newborns, they still took care to be gentle as they measured their heads and limbs -- just as they would in a hospital setting. Medical measurement is just one of many skills the students will be learning as they prepare for the JUMP Spring Showdown happening on April 21st.