Paramedic school: Learning the tools of the trade.


There is no way, as a young health pathway student entering through the doors of NCTI in Riverside, you cannot get excited about becoming a paramedic! From the cool uniforms, to the equipment, life-size dummies, and other as-close-to-the-real-thing-as-you-can-get practice limbs, you're promised a day that brings the classroom to life. NCTI is a subsidiary of American Medical Response and is the nation's largest paramedic, EMT, and EMS training facility. 

NCTI really rolls out the welcome mat for our highschoolers, utilizing their own trainees to act as mentors and giving them a chance to "roll up their sleeves" and practice some of the key competencies all paramedics must learn. These included airway management through the use of special tubes inserted through the nose or down the throat, tourniquets and traction splints, first aid, compression bandaging, backboard transport, iv insertions, and managing codes. The students were also split up into two teams and there was a contest to see which team could put on a cervical collar and properly place a patient on a backboard.

We took some great pictures of the students trying their hands at the different activities that we wanted to share. Practicing iv insertions was probably the most intimidating, but the activities really helped the students determine if the emergency medical field was something they wanted to pursue.  There is currently a shortage of paramedics and NCTI hopes to address this need and get more students interested in the field.

On behalf of our 18 students from Corona, Eleanor Roosevelt, Canyon Springs, and Vista Del Lago High Schools, we want to say thank you to our host Daniel Forbing, Paramedic Program Instructor, and the EMT paramedics-in-training, Justin, A. Hente, J. Hill, Brandon Palina, Tim Gregory, Jason W., Michael Merced, Jason Marchand, and Mark Lewan from CALFIRE who worked with our students as part of their community outreach. They all enjoyed the day so much!