"We just wanna make ya...Jump! Jump!"

That was the tone set at the recent JUMP (Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals) Spring Celebration held at Ayala High School where several hundred middle school students competed in team-style medical knowledge games created by IHPC. The throwback music of Kriss Kross's popular song "JUMP" got the students out of their seats and showing a little school spirit during the opening assembly, while proudly parading their custom JUMP Club banners. It's impossible not to get excited with that much energy in the room!

After an encouraging word from the JUMP Spring Celebration sponsor, Dr. Patricia Chan of LiveWell Therapy in Chino Hills, the students dispersed to compete in games like, Medical Spelling Bee, JUMP-bowl, and Athletic Tape Blitz, Disease Dilemma, Medical Ethics, Healthcare PSA, Object Unveiling, and more. The students were only given study guides to prepare and were not given the questions in advance, so they really had to know the material! Throughout the games, which were held in a number of classrooms, their peers, parents, and JUMP advisors looked on or visited the Career Corner educational stations set up all around the courtyard. In the center sat a giant score board where clubs could keep track of how their teams were doing. The students loved the air of friendly competition and really supported each other.


Throughout the day, the student tri-board poster contest was on display. Students participated in four categories: 1) disease, 2) health professions, and health-related topics using the medium of 3) photography or 4) drawings.


The winners were posted for each category. Photography: 1st place - River Heights, 2nd place - Cucamonga, 3rd place - Day Creek. Disease: 1st place - Canyon Hills - 2nd place - River Heights - 3rd place - Etiwanda. Health Professions: 1st place - Day Creek, 2nd - Ramirez, 3rd place - Etiwanda. Drawings: 1st place Ramirez, 2nd place - River Heights, 3rd place - Badger Springs.

By noon, they'd worked up some ferocious appetites and devoured sub sandwiches, chips, cookies, and lots of water. Then, it was back to the games which wrapped up with a closing award ceremony. Bedlam and excited screaming broke out as winners were announced. Congratulations to Day Creek Intermediate for taking home the trophy this year in 1st place! They were followed by River Heights Intermediate for 2nd place and Ruth Musser Middle School for 3rd - both fierce competitors! 

Prizes were awarded in a language that all "tweens" speak and love - food! The champions received gift cards for a meal at In & Out Burger and will also have a club pizza and ice cream party before school lets out for the summer. The River Heights JUMP club will also have a pizza and ice cream party, and Ruth Musser students will celebrate with cones and cream as well.  We didn't want to leave out our wonderful JUMP Club advisors who worked with the students all year long. We showed our thanks in a language teachers love - coffee!! Each advisor received a gift card to Starbucks- guaranteed to get them through these final days of school (wink, wink).

Thank you to LiveWell Therapy and owner Patricia Chan for supporting our JUMP Spring Celebration for a second year. Your sponsorship makes this unique opportunity possible for our future healthcare workers!!

We also wish to thank our generous and helpful hosts - the Ayala HS Pre-Med Society led by President of the club, Sarah Barhouma, and our own IHPC student ambassador Andrew Hoover, for helping us to organize the games on their campus and facilitated the career corner stations. You all were amazing!