Catching up with the HOT program.

We recently got caught up with the Reach Out WIOA program, aka HOT (Health Occupations Training), to see what the youth are up to:

PASSING THE TORCH: Over pizza at the Learn 4 Life Charter High School in Rialto, the current cohort of CNA (certified nurse assistant) students met with the new cohort to help prep them for the program. The CNA students are training at Reach Centers and gave the incoming students tips on study strategies, patient interaction, and how to prepare for clinicals. We are pretty proud of them. They are working hard, doing clinicals at the Del Rosa Nursing facility, and happy to pass on what they've learned to the newbies.


MAD MONEY: The HOT youth were recently treated to a Monster Workshop given by the energetic and dynamic Ms. SaRatta Reeves of Monster's Making It Count program. SaRatta tackled money management and conflict resolution. Since the workshop was held in our conference, there was plenty of eaves dropping as Ms. Reeves explained the ins and outs of debit and ATM fees, overdraft protection, what to consider when applying for credit, and how to read a credit report. She explained the importance of building your credit and basic budget management. (Some of us wished we'd had such a class before we opened our first checking account!).

The second part of the afternoon was dedicated to conflict resolution which she broke down by types of conflicts (intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup, and intergroup). She involved the class in demonstrations and provided steps to problem solving. 


DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE: The HOT program has launched a series of workshops this month appropriately called "Discover Your Purpose" with Steve Ward, CEO of Future N Focus. The  workshops, held at Innovation High (Learn 4 Life Charter High School in Fontana) will assist youth in career exploration and provide tools to aide in self-discovery. Mr. Ward began with an introduction to Dream Catcher where he walked students through a process to discover their purpose using the acronym MAPPE: Mental mindset, Asking yourself the right questions, Action, Purpose, Plan, and Execution. The other workshops will include self-exploration and career analysis, creating and action plan, and virtual presentations. 


We don't know what the future holds for our WIOA youth, but we know that these programs bring them one step closer to realizing their potential. For more information on HOT, please contact Christina Ly at

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