LIFE program affirms student's futures in healthcare.

Each student received a special LIFE stole to wear at their HS graduation. 

Each student received a special LIFE stole to wear at their HS graduation. 

This program has taught me more about what medical providers do and what their responsibilities are. It’s confirmed [my choice] to go into the medical field. I am thankful for this program, because it allowed me to verify my choice in a career before going to school for it.
— Aidan Lacey

Aidan's words rang true to the room full of parents, teachers, and staff gathered at Eleanor Roosevelt High's Career Center to recognize the eighteen students who completed the LIFE (Learning Inspired Field Experience) program. As the students stood up to share their experiences, you could see the confidence they had gained - a sense of purpose in their eyes. This is what the LIFE program is all about - giving students from all walks of life an opportunity that will propel them into a successful healthcare career. 

Students shared their LIFE experience with the family and high school staff gathered for the occasion. 

Students shared their LIFE experience with the family and high school staff gathered for the occasion. 

The Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) cohort had sixteen HS seniors and two juniors complete the 40 hours of field experience in different clinical settings including Norco Urgent Care, Kinematics of Norco, Riverside Medical Clinic in Eastvale and Corona, and the Queen of Hearts Therapy Ranch in Jurupa Valley. As part of the program, the students undergo an extensive application, onboarding, and training program as well as coordinated supervision and mentoring throughout their time. Each LIFE student is required to journal their experience and receive a wrap up evaluation by their host supervisor.   

LIFE is having a profound affect on students across our region, providing them with an invaluable experience and essential life skills to propel them into a successful healthcare career. Not only do they reflect the diversity of our region, they are its future. The early success of the program is a reflection of the collaboration, between industry and education, that is needed to prepare the next generation for service.

This program has inspired me even more to pursue my dream of going into the medical field. It allowed me an experience that I might not have found elsewhere.
- Makenna Nuno

This program has helped me affirm that I want to pursue a career in the medical field
- Alshley Alvarez

After my shadowing experience I learned the importance of communication, empathy, and passion. I also learned that being in the medical field, you are required to be a problem solver.
- Jillian Martinez

This shadowing process allowed me to improve on my communication skills and my time management skills. From this shadowing process, I learned that the medical field is for me!
- Aleea Ayala

By the region; for the region: The Guillermo J. Valenzuela Foundation has been doing their part to support this effort through educational scholarships, and have renewed their commitment to IHPC for the 2018/19 school year with another generous donation of $30,000! This will allow us to continue providing educational support for LIFE students as they move from high school into college and beyond. A combined total of $5,000 was awarded to the CNUSD LIFE cohort with the top three students receiving $500 each. IHPC will continue to seek industry partners to help us develop a strong health workforce pipeline to serve the Inland Empire. 

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who supported the CNUSD LIFE program this past school year. To the clinics (represented by Griselda and Sam from Norco Urgent Care), the Valenzuela Foundation, the dedicated teachers (represented by Sandi Uribe), and the school administration (represented by Assistant Principal, Dr. Taylor), thank you for joining hands with IHPC to make a difference!

PS: Gloria Coder, the Outreach Specialist for CNUSD, received an email from these LIFE students on their High School graduation day, proudly wearing their LIFE stoles and thanking her for the opportunity. 



"Thank you so much for the stoles and the LIFE experience. It was an honor to wear these at our graduation!" Aleea, Justice, and Ashley.