IHPC Recruits new Student Ambassador cohort.

2016-17 Cohort. 

2016-17 Cohort. 

The IHPC Student Ambassador program is a cohort of students from area schools who exercise leadership skills by promoting and informing their peers about IHPC projects, programs, and health-related informational seminars and workshops. During this program, Student Ambassadors develops skills such as: organization, time management, presentation, communication, team work, leadership, and networking. A successful Student Ambassador will effectively recruit and aid students in the registering for IHPC events and promote other health pipeline activities as outlined in the IHPC Pipeline Directory.

Last year, the Student Ambassador program had seven students representing schools across the Pomona Valley and San Bernardino County. All students completed a 40-hour field experience, conducted presentatiosn at our NEXUS and Quarterly meetings, networked with medical professionals, and facilitated medical informational seminars and workshops on high school and college campuses. This year, the IHPC would like to double its Student Ambassador cohort to represent more school districts and colleges within the Pomona Valley and SB county.  

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If you would like an IHPC representative to promote this program in at your school or classroom, please contact Michael Sacoto at (909) 982-8641 or email michael@we-reachout.org. 


Student Ambassador job description.

Student Ambassador program flyer.