In the shadow of heroes.

Emergency services personnel are the everyday heroes of our time, often going into dangerous situations where every second could mean the difference between someone living and dying. These men and women train at one of the largest facilities for fire, EMT, and law enforcement in the nation - the Ben Clark Training Center, and this particular day twenty-five lucky CTE-Sports Med students from Santiago High School got a glimpse into their world. The center, which sits on 400 sprawling acres, is comprised of classrooms, burn towers, burn props, scenario buildings, an equine complex, student housing, physical training facilities, a shooting range, and administrative offices.

What’s awesome about Ben Clark is that they provide our students plenty of hands-on instruction in IV insertion, intubation, ambulance scenarios, and more. Here are a few pictures from our visits this year with Corona HS and Santiago’s CTE students. Thank you Ben Clark!