PEP program takes on a new name!

MIND logo.png

Formerly known as the Pipeline Enhancement Program, or PEP, the new mental health pipeline program has had a name change to better express the program's purpose. Now called M.I.N.D. - Moving In New Directions, the change promotes a move toward openness and away from the stigma surrounding mental health.  Cajon High School is spearheading MIND through the psychology and sociology classes taught by Mr. Chris Peters and Mrs. Christi Dow respectively. Now open to high school sophomores and upper classmen, there will be a campus wide kick off event this Wednesday, August 8th. MIND, as with PEP, will be headed up by Marwa Mohamed. She will be assisted by new Outreach Specialist, Kelsey Walker and together they look forward to creating a sustainable, evidence-based program for mental health pathways.

This program will help students discover if they have a passion for mental and behavioral health. Early exposure to various careers, trainings, and opportunities within the field, can help set them on the right career path. It also exposes them to the importance of mental health and gives them the chance to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness. MIND students will be building awareness across their school campus while receiving age-appropriate trainings. If they have the chance to touch just one person who may be suffering from a mental health problem or challenge, they may feel empowered that they are part of something important on campus.
— Marwa Mohamed, Outreach Specialist, IHPC