Yes, CPR training is trending!

If you haven’t heard the good news, recent California legislation mandates that all high schools requiring a health education course as part of its graduation requirements, must provide hands-only CPR training to its students. Yes, you read that right. CPR training is “trending” in schools throughout California. This spurred several IHPC team members into getting their CPR training certification in anticipation of the bill going into effect this school year. Gloria Coder and Sonia Ventura will be our in-house trainers and the team is equipped with four large kits suitable for instructing 10 students each.

Gloria has already been quite busy this year teaching the hands-only technique to classes at Roosevelt and Corona HS as well as RiverHeights and Ramirez Intermediates as part of JUMP club. She has already trained 374 students in this life-saving technique!! When time allows, she incorporates PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and HIPAA (patient privacy) training as well (because they are never too young to start training for an internship!). With so many classes eager to learn this simple technique, it’s no wonder she’s been busy!

“You never know when a cardiac arrest can happen and I’m glad that the students are so eager to learn!” Our hats off to Gloria, and Sonia, for taking the life-saving technique to our schools in the Inland Empire. Here are a few photos.

P.S. For those looking for some bedtime reading, here is the the AB 1719 bill in its entirety.